Business ideas for stay-at-home parents

Posted on November 08, 2019


We all want to do the best we can for our families. Give them the best education, a solid financial background and being available to them emotionally. With the rise of the internet and remote working, these goals have become more achievable than ever. You can now start an online shop and become a successful entrepreneur without leaving the comfort of your home. Today we bring to you simple business ideas for stay-at-home parents to give you and your children the best of both worlds.

Home daycare

Let us start with the job you already have all the necessary qualifications for. This job proves that a serviced office space is not the only requirement for starting a profitable business. According to research conducted by the website TechSci Research, the Indian pre-school/childcare market is forecast to grow at around 23% from 2017 - 2022. The increasing number of nuclear families, the rising standard of living and the increasing westernisation of the population are all responsible for this growth. By starting a daycare in your own home you will be helping other parents who cannot always stay-at-home or work remotely, while also earning money just to spend time with adorable children.

Freelance writing and blogging

Content marketing remains one of the most effective digital marketing strategies for any business. You can set up a virtual office in Mumbai to let clients know that they are dealing with a professional while still working from home. This diverse profession allows you to share knowledge in the subject of your choosing and also learn more about it in the process. In the same way, blogging can help you set up your website, build traffic and make money. All you need is a computer to write and a working internet connection to start your own freelance writing and blogging business.

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are independent contractors who work remotely and provide clients with administrative services. The exact duties of a virtual assistant vary from client to client. They range from bookkeeping and managing schedules to updating social media and even writing blog articles. Virtual assistants are in-demand by entrepreneurs, online businesses, small and medium-sized businesses and everything in between. An actual human conducting administrative duties for an organisation allows the members to focus on their jobs and help the company grow, making the position of a virtual assistant essential to the company.

Ecommerce re-selling and consignment shops

We all have old clothes sitting around in our closet taking up space. With the rise in e-commerce sites like Amazon, Etsy and eBay you no longer have to leave the comfort of your home to buy or sell clothes. You don’t always have to sell your clothes either. Visit a local thrift store and buy clothes from there for cheap. Clean and fix them up and sell them online for a higher price point. This idea does not stop at clothes either. Items that you have lying around the house can be refurbished and sold off, earning you some money and emptying space at home.

With your business doing well you can rent a serviced office space or a coworking space and have employees working there to help your business run smoothly. With these tips in mind, being a stay-at-home parent might just be the best personal and professional decision you ever made.


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