How to meet friends, attend parties and grow your business this holiday season

Posted on December 13, 2019


A traditional office Christmas party is not necessarily something everyone in the office looks forward to. Surrounded by bosses and colleagues, most people are too conscious to unwind and simply have a good time. Attending these parties feels more like an obligation than a choice. This is not the case if you are working from a coworking office space in Mumbai. Unlike a traditional office where you have pressure from your boss and coworkers to make an appearance or stay longer, attending a coworking Christmas party is completely voluntary. Here, it’s possible that you could learn a new skill or connect with someone who could be your next business partner. Here are the top reasons why coworking Christmas parties are better than traditional Christmas parties and how attending them might just be the best thing you can do to help your business grow.


Flexibility is a defining trait of coworking, even when it comes to Christmas parties, coworking offices are extremely flexible. With no boss to tell you when to arrive and when to leave, you could spend as much or as little time as you want at a coworking Christmas party. The flexibility of coworking offices also allows you to decide your work hours and beat the Christmas rush by shopping for gifts during the day while others are at work. Take advantage of this and finish important projects during the week so that you can spend the weekend with friends and family.


The inside of a conference room is not the only place to meet clients or potential business partners. The best location for networking is in an informal setting where everyone has their guard down. Simply having a drink with someone and displaying passion for your career could be the best way to make an unforgettable impression. Coworking offices consist of influencers and professionals from every field, simply showing up at a coworking Christmas party might put you in touch with your next business partner.


This Christmas break give yourself an opportunity to relax and unwind. During the rest of the year, most of us rush from deadline to deadline, managing finances, running the business and trying to network. While this is necessary during the year, Christmas is the time to destress and recharge for the coming year. Even while networking at Christmas parties, remember to take it easy and let your authentic self shine through. A calm and relaxed mind will help you take on the coming year and its share of challenges with a smile on your face.

Selecting which parties to attend and which parties to miss might just be all you need to do this Christmas. Make the best of your Christmas holidays by choosing who you want to spend time with and taking it easy, because we all deserve a break from time to time.


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