Tips to master self-discipline

Posted on December 13, 2019


All of us would like to master self-discipline, get more work done in a day and permanently improve our lives for the better. Yet, contrary to what people believe, self-discipline is not a question of willpower. It is a learned behaviour or habit that we regularly engage in. Thus, if you find yourself unable to keep your hands off the doughnut, it is not because you lack willpower, it is because of your habits. To master discipline, you require repeating the same actions day-in and day-out. Here are some helpful tips that will allow you to change your habits and master self-discipline faster than ever.

Remove temptations

Your environment has a very large impact on the way you behave. According to a study conducted in 2012, people found to have higher self-control spend much less time resisting impulses than those with low self-control. What this means is that people with high amounts of self-control usually fight their impulses by removing the impulse from their environment instead of practicing self-control. This phenomenon can also be explored in co-working spaces, where users report finding it much easier to focus and work in dedicated co-working spaces than other locations.

Don’t wait for it to ‘feel’ right

Improving your self-discipline means changing your usual habits and routines. Doing so might make things feel awkward or unnatural. This is normal as anything your brain does which is not a pre-installed habit does not always ‘feel’ right for the brain. It is important to ignore this feeling and simply forge ahead. After some time the new habit will become the norm and start to feel just as natural as your old one did.

Schedule breaks and rewards

Self-discipline can be hard, and if your new habits are all about being productive 24/7 without any space for breaks, it is a sure sign that your schedule will fail. We all have a limited amount of discipline and pushing yourself too hard will often result in failures, disappointments and a return to old habits.

To avoid this, remember to take appropriate breaks throughout the day and reward yourself for achievements. With serviced office space providers like AccessWork on your side, you can get a fully serviced office space filled with amenities at a location that works for you. With fully stacked amenities and a diverse group of like-minded individuals to talk to, even taking a break is a rewarding experience at AccessWork.

Instituting a new way of thinking or behaving over a long period of time will not always go according to plan. In the journey of building self-discipline, you are bound to encounter successes and failures. The key to self-improvement is to acknowledge what caused the setback and move on. Use the obstacles in your path as learning experiences and forgive yourself. As long as you remember to forgive yourself and try again, mastering self-discipline is simply a matter of time.


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