Key steps to building a strong and diverse client base

Posted on January 16, 2020


A customer is anyone who purchases goods and services from your business, a client, on the other hand, is someone who prefers your services and keeps coming back to you. One of the most important secrets to running a successful business is to convert customers into clients. Here are a few key steps that you can follow to build a loyal client base from a diverse set of industries.

Determining your ideal client

To build your client base you need to first determine who your ideal client is. Think about past clients who enjoyed your service, the ones who didn’t and the ones who were the ideal customer according to you. Note down what qualities the client had that made them important to you and which parts of your service were important for them. If possible gather more information about the clients themselves, such as the industry they work in and the professional events they frequent. Note down any other thoughts that might come up while considering who your ideal client might be.

Where do your ideal clients spend their time

We have already discussed how coworking offices are a great way to meet other professionals in the field. Once you know who your ideal client is, it is time to find out where they spend their time and how to get in front of them. In every industry, there are places where people congregate to discuss business and other similar matters. These events could be industry-specific awards, online forums, special conventions etc. Research your ideal client and determine exactly where you need to focus your efforts to get the maximum amount of people talking about your product and your company.

Reaching out to clients

You do not always need to talk about your service to grab a client's attention. Simply ask yourself “What could I do that these prospects couldn’t possibly ignore?” Don’t restrict yourself to digital means here. Think of creative and outside the box ways to offer value to people. How you reach out to clients is important because this will be your first impression in their eyes. At this stage in the process do not worry about getting the client to say yes, or investing in your service. The only objective at this stage is to get a conversation started with clients.

The secret that nobody tells you is to stay industry-specific for as long as you can. Only when you have exhausted every possible marketing idea for a particular industry should you move on to the next one. This allows you to put a fair amount of effort into each industry and cover the ones you are targeting one-by-one. If you provide meeting rooms to freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners, it is safe to assume that other freelancers and small business owners also require conference rooms and meeting rooms. In such a scenario targeting your marketing to freelancers and small business owners will pay off large dividends in the future. Always remember that your clients are humans with beliefs and aspirations just like you. Once you have established a line of communication, your next task is to simply keep the conversation going. Add a human touch to your business to make it unforgettable in the eyes of your customers and convert all of your customers into clients.


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