Email etiquette tips all business professionals should know about

Posted on January 16, 2020


According to a survey conducted by The Washington Post, the average employee spends 4.1 hours a day checking professional email. With the introduction of smartphones, it is now possible to send and receive emails from anywhere. Most professional conversations that happen within the company and externally with clients are carried out over email. Whether we like it or not, sending, receiving, crafting and replying to emails takes up a sizable chunk of our professional lives. This makes proper email etiquette an essential skill to have. Whether you are an employee, a freelancer or a small business owner, here are some email writing etiquette tips that will take your email writing skills to a whole new level.

Craft an effective subject line

Your subject line should carry out the task of clearly communicating and summarising the body of the email. With the constant barrage of professional and personal emails, a well-crafted subject line makes your email stand out from the clutter. A piece of advice from administrative assistants working in virtual offices in Mumbai is to avoid using all caps and remember to spell-check. Your subject line determines whether your email will be read or not, craft your subject line in a manner that lets readers know which concerns or business issues you are directly addressing.

A professional email

Most professionals in the field know how to conduct themselves in a meeting room, but are at a loss when it comes to crafting professional emails. The format you should follow is to keep it brief and professional. Begin your email with a formal salutation, addressing the other person by their first and last name. It is only after the other person asks to be addressed by their first name, should you do so. We would advise that is always better to err on the side of the consummate professional. When it comes to the email itself it is important to keep the email brief. If the length of the email is extending beyond two or three paragraphs, it would be better to get on a call or arrange a meeting than try to fit everything into an email. Remember to always keep your humor and anger in check, not everyone may find a certain joke funny and could be misinterpreted by someone.

How you craft your message

Always send emails through a professional email ID. If you are working from a coworking office space, ensure that you have a professional email ID that represents your business. Similarly, your email signature block should also be well thought out, as the signature block represents you and your company’s image. Most businesses have different policies regarding these but generally, your signature should include contact information, position in the company, link to website and an optional banner that is consistent with the company’s brand.

The final tip is the simplest and most important one. It is to read, revise and review your email once before you hit send. Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and miscommunications are a common occurrence when it comes to emails. These can be avoided by going through your email once more before hitting send. Run spell checks and grammar checks just in case to account for human error. Do not rely on them completely and be sure to read the entire email once yourself. Consider the tone in which you are writing and remove anything that could be misinterpreted, such as vague statements, humor and sarcasm. With the simple three-step process of reading, revising and reviewing all of your outgoing email, you will drastically reduce the chances of making mistakes. Depending on how you use it, email can help your business grow or make a negative impression on someone. With these professional email etiquette tips, you can be certain that there will be no more complaints about your emails from inside or outside the organisation.


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