Why freelancing is the future

Posted on February 13, 2020


Over the last 40 years, the professional landscape has changed completely. These statistics show that 40 years ago an employee would have one or two jobs in a lifetime, work for thirty years and then retire with a pension. Companies today are no longer as loyal as they used to be. These days, the average worker holds anywhere from around 12-15 jobs in a lifetime and very few of those include a pension. This resulted in professionals looking for other modes of employment and breathed a new life into freelancing. Going by current statistics, experts suggest that if freelancing continues to grow at the same pace, by 2027 over 50% of the population would-be freelancers. Here are a few reasons why freelancing might just be the default mode of working in the future.

When you freelance you own your brand

Freelancers are actively responsible for every aspect of their brand and business. Most freelancers can make use of conference rooms provided by office space providers such as AccessWork to hold presentations, interviews, client pitches and even training programs. The skills gained on the job, the number of hours put in and their reputation are all results of their own hard work. Being the sole proprietor of the brand, most freelancers are willing to go above and beyond when it comes to delivering results. With no fear of being fired for a mistake and nobody to tell you how to run your business, being a freelancer truly lets you own your brand in all aspects.

Freelancing spreads risk across industries

Smart freelancers work with a diverse range of companies and clients. This decreases the risk of being negatively affected by a dip in any particular industry. Many freelancers will make use of virtual offices in Mumbai and stay up-to-date with the latest softwares and technologies to keep their skills sharp. They also adopt a variety of skill sets related to their field to help them stay in demand. This leads to employers relying on freelancers that can complete any task, keep the freelancer headcount low and still get the work done.

Freelancers are better prepared for changes in the marketplace

Unlike traditional office workers, freelancers know that the marketplace is ever-changing. This knowledge allows them to stay on their toes and adapt as required. Keeping pace with the latest technologies, gaining supporting skills and being able to work across sectors makes freelancers an easily adaptable group. In a world where new trends, new skills and new industries are constantly in the pipeline, being able to adapt according to the market is an invaluable skill.

Freelancing embraces the idea of change and as a result, makes the freelancer less vulnerable to it. In recent times where companies have stopped rewarding loyalty, the freelancer who is willing to change and is exposed to constant market shifts is the true future of all employees.


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