Useful tips to improve your project management skills

Posted on March 24, 2020


Project management is all about collaborating and creating a sum of the efforts put in by the team. Without proper project management, a single task undertaken to improve quality of life for customers, might end up increasing hurdles instead of decreasing them. To ensure effective project management you need the right processes, policies and tools which helps streamline communication between team members. Here are some useful tips to help improve your project management skills.

Workflow mapping

The projects you get and the team you work with will depend on whether you work in a corporation or a coworking space. To get a sense of what the project is, what needs to be accomplished, who your team members are and who will be responsible for what, you must map your workflow. Mapping your project creates a guide that lets you understand the scope of work, team members in charge of tasks, checkpoints and even the desired outcome of the entire project. Make sure that your workflow map relies on visual cues and is easy to understand for anyone reading it.

Track milestones

The second step is to keep track of the project and ensure that the milestones are being met. Keep track of the data and numbers you hoped to see at these milestones, if these are being met or if there is a need to course correct. With a well-defined workflow, it becomes easier to track your milestones and understand whether you are heading in the right direction.

Tools for project management

In the modern workplace, communication and collaboration have now become easier than ever. You can connect over video call, email, phone calls and even book a conference room to meet clients with the help of office space providers like AccessWork. This advancement in technology can also serve you well when looking for an effective project management tool. Utilise online resources and softwares that allow you to track progress and keep communication open for all team members. Collaborating with others becomes much simpler when people are aware of the larger picture and can see just how important their contributions are.

The best project managers all have one trait in common: Flexibility. Regardless of how well you map your workflow and track milestones, there are still unforeseen challenges bound to arise. Accept feedback and advice from team members, implementing it wherever possible. Continually evaluate the efficacy of your plans and be sure to stay flexible in your approach. While the on-ground processes and details might differ, if you successfully establish this process for all your projects, it will serve you well for many years to come.


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