How to Take Your Start-Ups Sustainability to the Next Level

Posted on April 07, 2020


Sustainability: it’s the word on everyone’s lips. It has become almost impossible to get through a day without hearing about it. The 21st century demands a fast-paced, future-forward, transparent approach to conducting a business. Global trends have seen consumers gravitating towards companies who are publicly eco-friendly- and for good reason. Sustainability is the need of the hour. While the focus of the media might be drawn towards large corporations with massive waste generation and sketchy environmental policies, it is the smaller outfits, with fewer employees that are capable of making the most change.

Going Green

There are a number of green practices to incorporate into your workspace that will motivate your team to put their best foot forward for the betterment of the environment. The organic waste produced by even a small start-up can do a lot of damage when left to the landfills, where methane is generated in massive amounts as the waste is broken down. Introduce a compost bin to your workspace, where waste may be collected and disposed of at a compost disposal on a weekly basis. Composting is as vital for small companies as it is for larger ones. For those operating out of serviced office spaces, check to see if your composting needs are covered under your facility’s business center services.

Responsible Recharging

Daily employee coffee breaks can be coloured a more eco-friendly shade of green by discouraging the use of single-use plastic cups, in exchange for personal mugs. Reusable cutlery is another great solution to the daily waste produced by employee lunch-breaks. For any other plastic and paper waste that is generated, even the smallest business outfits must keep in mind that tried and tested mantra- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Going Remote

A recent trend in eco-forward thinking has been to remove the conventional office space from the equation entirely. Allowing employees to work from their homes or relying on coworking office spaces will not only reduce costs of operation, but also your startup’s carbon footprint.

Small-business owners are often reluctant to incorporate sustainable solutions to everyday operations, owing to the added cost of maintenance and a shift of focus that might affect employee productivity. However, studies have proven that even the smallest steps, if taken over a period of time, can leave their mark for the better. Do your bit to save the planet. Our future is our responsibility.


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