Posted on October 01, 2015


We spend a good amount of our lives at work, meeting important deadlines, working on exciting new projects and passionately accelerating our careers. However, long hours at the office take a toll on your productivity, and make you feel not completely in the zone.

Here are a few tips that will help you boost your productivity at work.


Apart from water, green tea is arguably one of the healthiest beverages. Research states that green tea has impressive health benefits for your heart, bones, weight, vision, and even your brain. A cup of green tea is loaded with valuable nutrients and antioxidants that cleanse your system, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated. Green tea also has positive effects on your memory, ensuring you stay sharp for all those important meetings!


Using tools designed to help you work smarter, enable you to work in tandem with your colleagues online, easily and efficiently. View projects, targets, share ideas, complete tasks and meet deadlines with no hassles, anywhere, anytime!


Your workspace defines you. Invest some time into personalising your workspace. You can simply pin up photos, quotes and other meaningful items on your soft board, making you feel comfortable and at home.


Stretching for a few moments daily not only helps you get out off your chair,but helps ease the pressure and even freshens focus.


A fun work playlist, can greatly enhance and energise the working experience. Choose fun, upbeat songs for your playlist that'll help you get in the groove and stay on top of your game at work. Please be courteous, do not disturb your co-workers and resist that urge to get up and dance!


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