5 ways to take your start up/small business to the next level

Posted on August 02, 2018

Many Successful Business owners have one thing in common, the ability to see the bigger picture and act on it, better than everyone else.

Set your Goals: Goal Setting is a great way to clarify your business’s focus, measure your progress and track your achievements while allowing you to take calculated risks.


By creating both, a short and long-term goal plan, you set a challenge for your own business, and the more you are willing to stretch and challenge yourself, you can achieve more of your targeted tasks and help your business reach new levels of success.

Trimming The Fat: Downsizing from a commercial space into a rented office space is more beneficial for your business as you lessen the financial burden on yourself of owning a space, thus reducing the fixed costs and overheads you must undertake.


Renting an office also provides flexibility and allows you to grow as your team grows, in an organised environment.

Improve your business Networking: Renting office spaces provides you with a unique space for chance encounters and interactions with other business owners, allowing for the opportunity to gain one of the biggest business advantages: Networking & Building Connections.


The relationships developed when renting an office space are often deeper than those formed at industry or networking events.

Trust & Delegation: The best way to build trust in your company is to extend it, which means taking a step back from taking everything upon yourself and letting others figure things out for themselves while trusting that they will.


Sure, you can solve the problem yourself, but you can't do that every time. If you do, your company will never maximize its potential, therefore trust and delegation in your employees are key to the success of a growing organisation.

Staying up to date with technology (Plug): Nowadays, the ways in which businesses can benefit from technology are endless, and a fast-growing company needs an IT infrastructure that can keep up. At AccessWork, you have access to High-Speed Wifi, Video Conferencing etc.


We make sure that your business has all it needs to stay technologically active.


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