Thinking about Renting a Co-Working space?

Posted on August 30, 2018

If you’re working from home, eventually you wonder if your efficiency and productivity levels are high enough. It is quite hard to gauge how hard you are working when you work alone, as opposed to when you work around other people. You may actually be spending more time procrastinating than you think, there is also the loneliness factor & the lack of substantial social connect. If you face any of these issues, you may want to consider a Co-Working space for rent.

Co-Working spaces are essentially shared work spaces in an office-like environment. The idea of co-working spaces is appealing to people who work from home, as it provides a much better work culture, as well as amazing networking opportunities to connect with individuals they have never met before, as most individuals that rent co-working spaces, are usually not employed by the same organisation.

In recent times, there has been a surge of Co-Working spaces being established across the world, as the main idea behind Co-Working spaces, is to provide a professional structure & community to freelancing individuals. AccessWork is a provider of co-working spaces on rent, and we are situated in various cities across India, including in Mumbai, Pune and Gurgaon, for professionals looking to co-work with likeminded workers.

There are various benefits to renting a co-working space:


Increases your Engagement Levels

Research shows that people working in co-working spaces as opposed to individuals working from home have 84% more engagement and motivation, and 83% of individuals working at co-working spaces felt less lonely. 68% of people working in co-working spaces said that they were more focused while being in a co-working environment, and 64% are better able to complete their tasks and meet their deadlines on time.

Provides you with Networking Opportunities

Co-working spaces offer you with an excellent way to meet others individuals and business owners from different sectors and allow you to either collaborate or perform transactions with them.

Helps differentiate your Home & Work Life

The biggest impact that working in co-working spaces for freelancers is that it separates their work and home life. When individuals work from home, they may lose their efficiency, motivation and even see a drop in productivity levels, due to the lack of structure & work culture. That’s where services like those offered by AccessWork come in. Renting Co-Working spaces allows an individuals to leave the house every morning & go to work, which helps them to differentiate between their two existences. Statistics show that 60% of people feel much more relaxed at home after switching to a co-working office space.


Co-working is growing each and every year, and many freelancers who switch to the spaces are finding greater success than they had from working at home. The benefits are very noticeable and even more advantageous. Switch to a co-working space today at AccessWork , and you will soon reap the rewards.


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