Top 5 Reasons why renting an office space is better for your start up/small business

Posted on August 30, 2018

There's been a huge surge in the debate recently over whether or not startups/small businesses need office spaces at all, thanks to the easily accessible free wi-fi in most spaces such as cafes, and the increase in other work alternatives to working at a desk from 9-to-5.

But for entrepreneurs fortunate enough to run a small/growing business that is adding individuals to its team, the idea of an organised office space with fully furnished infrastructure and room to fit the expanding workforce shouldn’t be so easily dismissed.

Here are the top 5 reasons why entrepreneurs should think carefully about renting office spaces & providing an environment for their team, where the team and their business can thrive.

Minimal Financial Burden
For any new - small - growing business, managing office costs effectively is vital and are often considerable for a business of any size. On top of your periodic rental payments, tenants have a vast range of both overheads and operating costs to pay.


Renting office spaces reduces your costs and risk; as renting office spaces reduces the upfront investment required and fixed costs committed over the long-term. A Rented Office Space also comes with amenities that range from access to high speed Wi-Fi to special networking events and social gatherings

Building relationships and connections is one of the most important aspects in business. Renting office spaces provides you with a unique space for chance encounters and interactions with other business owners.


Working within the same environment solidifies the connections that you build, and repeated chats in the office lift or around coffee machines can create strong business relationships.

Social Infrastructure
For some people, co-workers end up being their close friends, even outside of the office.


Any time you can help your employees enhance their social lives, you’re providing a benefit that makes them feel happier & more involved and thus makes the employees even more productive at work.

Renting Office Spaces with fully furnished and serviced offices is more beneficial that owning your own space. Renting offices provides you with greater access to a space with several of the key amenities that many modern businesses require.


At AccessWorks we offer you High-Speed Wifi, fully furnished & serviced offices equipped with meeting and conference rooms as well as flexible plans.

As opposed to owning your own space, renting office spaces provides you with the benefit of not being locked into a long-term lease, to scale the number of desks you need as per your requirements as your business grows.


Pay for what you use and suited to your current circumstances, the possibilities are endless. We here at AccessWork offer 24-hour access so you can operate when you need to, With meeting and conference rooms, and many more amenities available.


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