Must have tools for a Virtual Office

Posted on October 24, 2018

The sudden surge of freelancers & start-ups over the couple of years has spearheaded a trend of businesses opting for virtual office spaces for rent. Skilled and talented working professionals are scattered all across the country and setting up a virtual office allows you to make use of all that talent. As these employees don’t have to be physically present together at the same for you to obtain their services. In order to set up a virtual office, you need the right tools for the operations to run smoothly and with ease.

Online backup tools and cloud services:

There are plenty of online tools and cloud services that can backup your data. Using them would allow you to save all the data on one account instead of opening multiple accounts on different systems. Having a singular account is very convenient as every team member has access to data regardless of their physical location. Cloud storages provide you with high security and protection, giving you little reason to worry about any possible hacks or thefts.

Web Conferencing Facility:

Assembling a team and getting them to work towards a common goal, require meetings even if it’s not physical. But with the absence of a physical office, this can only be possible with the help of the web conferencing tools. You would need to have a desktop sharing app that includes relevant team members. Once they join you can have a live face to face conference meetings as when required.

Virtual Call answering service:

Another tool that you’ll need is a Virtual Call answering service. Having this tool would allow your clients to send across queries the old fashioned way and we would good for maintaining healthy relationships with them.

Collaboration Tools:

An app like HubSpot, for instance, would help your team collaborate better and accomplish common goals effectively. In a bigger business set up a service like this is all the more important as multiple teams will be working towards a similar goal. You can also use these tools to check progress and keep a tab on everyone’s work from just one place.

Cloud Storage Programs:

In the good old fashion office set up, all the information and record are on paper and are physically stored in folders and referred to as and when needed. But having a virtual office does not let you have this luxury. The alternative here is to acquire services such as Microsoft Azure that is a top-notch cloud service which offers high-end storage services. They allow you to have access to folders from any time and any place.

Registered office address at your desired location:

If your business is in its initial stages and you can’t afford to rent an office in your desired location you could opt for a virtual office. That we could say money and have a registered office at a place you desire where your business would be around other respected offices.

Now that you are aware of the tools that can help you set up a flourishing virtual office, Accesswork offers you with 24/7 access to virtual office spaces for rent


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