Gurgaon - The Next Best Place for Office Spaces

Posted on November 15, 2018

A city that barely existed two decades ago is now one of the most talked about cities in India and also one of the fastest growing. Gurgaon has become a major corporate hub in the country with many MNCs and Indian companies laying a marker there. Sectors ranging from BPOs to IT and most recently pharmaceutical companies, have flourished here and have office spaces in Gurgaon . There is also a massive circle of startup companies, entrepreneurial ventures, and commercial investors working in and around Gurgaon.

1. The shortage of space in Delhi: Delhi is the most the populated city in the country and the city on a whole is very congested and tight. The traffic and high rent rates often discourage workers from moving to big cities like Mumbai or Delhi. Gurgaon, on the other hand, has a bit of everything for everyone. From affordable rentals and office spaces to even innovative futuristic corporates spaces. The prices of both residential and office spaces are comparatively cheaper and offer you more or less the same features and amenities.

2. Easy permits to build: In a city like Mumbai or Delhi not only would you be paying high rent rates but would also spend time and resources on getting the required work permits to start your business operations. In Gurgaon with the added advantage of lower rents you would also spend less time and resources on getting the required work permits.

3. A large labour pool: Companies in Gurgaon have the privilege of choosing from a pool of talented employees. The growth and development of a city attracts a talented workforce. It enables employees to move from one firm to another, while acquiring valuable skills along the way. 

4. Built from scratch: Building a city from scratch can have many advantages such as enforcing business friendly policies. If the productivity of agricultural land was higher, or if land in Gurgaon was already put to valuable use, land conversion would have been met with great opposition. As Gurgaon's land was largely idle, converting it for non-agricultural use was easier and cheaper.

5. Well planned city. It is also a relatively new city that was built from scratch. This makes it easier to implement and enforce policies that are business friendly and help create a culture of growth. The city is well connected to almost all the prime locations and especially workplaces. It is to be noted that the metro too is just as good any.

6. Modern architecture: The city being relatively new and well-planned means that it pays the way for modern and futuristic architecture. Real estate developers in Gurgaon are making sure that you a have a property that has new technological advancements which are innovative and have futuristic designs.


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