How to transform your office into a community

Posted on February 13, 2019

Seeing your company as the place where your employees belong ensures that they enjoy coming in to work and willingly spend their time growing and nurturing the company. Here are some tips that will transform your office into a community and help increase employee productivity.

Make it fun

Coming to work every day can get repetitive as you repeat the same tasks over and over again. To break this cycle you should consider making the daily tasks of your employees more engaging. Arrange for activities that they can participate in during their breaks or after work. Come up with new and fun ways of sending messages across to other employees or clients. Get creative and find fun in mundane things at work. Good examples of fun work environments are the coworking spaces that are popping up in Mumbai. Coworking spaces generally have a completely different vibe as everyone can manage their own work hours and enjoy freedom at work. To experience the benefits of coworking you can rent a  coworking space in Gurgaon by visiting AccessWork.

Celebrate birthdays and festivals

Events like birthdays or festivals are a great time for people to get together. Physical interaction with other people helps build a sense of camaraderie and trust. Birthdays and festivals are a time for celebration, spending these together gives employees the feeling of being a family. Make these parties memorable by being generous and open with people. Use the informal setting of a party to get to know your coworkers better.

Company-wide activities

Create events that have everyone in the company participating. These company-wide events will also be a good place to encourage some friendly competition inside the company. Your company-wide activities can include things like treasure hunts, outdoor trips, workout or dance sessions or anything else that you and your employees think might enjoy. Get your employees excited and participating in the ideas for these events. Encourage and reward active participation in events and you may find that your employees are more active participants in everything at work.

Share employee stories

People trust employees three times more than they trust the owners. We all like to hear the stories, struggles and inspirations of other people who we can relate to. Sharing employee stories can give them someone to look up to. This is another region where we can learn a lot from coworking offices. At coworking spaces, you meet like-minded people who are all working towards their own goals and dreams. Working with like-minded people will push you forward towards your own dreams.

Office space providers like AccessWork understand that your office is where you spend the majority of your day. With their help any young entrepreneur can simply rent a commercial property in Gurgaon and work his way up the ladder in his own way. The only way to combat this is to truly value the young and ambitious talent in your industry. Building a sense of community around your company leads to committed employees and a committed management team that is aware of their goals and works towards them. As your company grows it is important to use all of the resources at your disposal to take it further and reach greater heights.


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