How to declutter and organize your office space

Posted on February 13, 2019

Your office space is where you spend the majority of your day. The people around you, the conference rooms and meeting rooms, the cafeteria all become a part of you. An organized and clear workspace leads to an organized and clear mind. But over the years our offices tend to get cluttered and messy. AccessWork offers you fully furnished office spaces that can be customized according to your preferences so that you can enjoy a clean and peaceful work environment.

These are the 5 steps you can follow to declutter and organize your office space to suit your needs.

Write It Down

A general workday is filled with distractions, important tasks that demand your attention keep springing up. The best way to ensure that you tackle this problem instead of procrastinating is to put a reminder down for it. A messy workspace can decrease productivity and even make you feel tired and slow. A clean workspace puts you in the position of control and makes your job that much easier and satisfying.

What You Need And What You Don’t

Make a list of things that you use and the things that you haven’t used in more than a week. This includes all of your paperweights, your extra pen holders, the dozens of paperclips you have lying around, pen caps, mugs and all of the other things you don’t need. Organize this list into what you will keep, what you will store and what you will throw away or donate.

Place, Move away and Donate

This is the part where you actually give away or arrange your stuff. Be sure to digitize what you can – papers, pictures and even business cards are much better served on your computer instead of in your personal space. Be ruthless, take things home if you are unwilling to part with them but do not let a clutter form on your desk. More space gives you the liberty to fill the space with what you want.


It’s time to get those tissues and damp cloths out. Clean out your desk with a cloth, get at that keyboard, empty your pen stand and give it a thorough dusting. Most of the  office spaces in Mumbai are cluttered, dusty and completely unorganized. By taking a few minutes out of your day every day to clean and organize your desk you are showing that you care and boosting your own productivity.

Finishing touches

Express yourself. Your desk can get monotonous and boring, but now that you have made all this extra space for yourself it is time to make use of it. Decorate your workspace the way you wish. Add a bit of flair, add a motivational quote or a Rubik’s cube that you can fidget with in your free time. Inspirational quotes and reminders are necessary around your workspace. Put up a decorative item that you love so that you will always have to keep your desk free of clutter to show it off.

Get creative with your choices. Use the internet to find ideas to make your desk stand out. Don’t just come to work, come to the place where you can thrive among like-minded individuals. That is how you can truly look forward to coming back to work every Monday.


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