5 Advantages of virtual offices and why you should make the move

Posted on February 13, 2019

Being your own boss might sound good in theory but there are many traditional businesses that would be unwilling to work with one guy sitting on a kitchen table with a laptop. Renting a virtual office gives you a prestigious business address. A business address based in an industrial area immediately makes your business sound more credible, professional and legitimate. These are 5 more essential advantages of renting a virtual office in Mumbai and why you should be looking to make the ‘move’.

Say goodbye to the commute

A virtual office allows you to work from anywhere while still having a physical address as a base. You could be sitting in a park, be on vacation or even at home while conducting all of your business. Since you do not have to travel anywhere you won’t be creating any carbon emissions. Even as you help save the environment just think about all of the bus, train and taxi travel that you can now avoid. There will be no office that requires your presence leaving you to take off on a holiday if you so desire.

Increased productivity and happier employees

People who work in virtual offices are generally a lot happier as all of your employees are now free from the commute. This also takes away the possibility of your employees taking sick days. They save money on the commute and they save time on travelling. This leads to a much better work-life balance than most other offices. Happier employees translate to a productive workforce and more money for you!


Renting virtual office space in Mumbai costs a great deal less than a physical office space. Professional office space providers like AccessWork can set you up with virtual office space for rent with a prime business address and on-demand facilities. You will be saving money on utilities, office maintenance, the cost of a receptionist and any relocation costs. Calls or couriers coming into your office will be handled by the administrative assistant provided by AccessWork. You can thus focus all your time and money on expanding your business instead of running around taking calls and handling infrastructure.

Increased hiring options

Having a virtual office space allows you to hire talent from anywhere without having to worry about where they are located. As your team increases there is no need for you to shift to bigger premises. You can now get the best talent and keep your company growing without worrying about the costs.

No long term commitments

Virtual office spaces are generally rented on a monthly or ad-hoc basis. There is no need for a long term contract as there is no physical office space. You can rent the space for as long as you need it and then stop the service once you no longer require it.

As the world changes so will traditional office structures. As there is an increase in freelancers and entrepreneurs who work from home the demand for virtual offices has also increased. Virtual offices are a resource that everyone will soon be turning to. It is time to make the switch to a virtual office to keep your business on top of the changing times.


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