How to Find an Administrative Assistant That Makes Work Stress Free

Posted on March 07, 2019

Being an administrative assistant can sometimes feel like a thankless job. An outsider might think that they merely answer calls and reply to emails but an effective administrator can become the very foundation of a Multinational Corporation. An administrative assistant is the grease that ensures your company runs smoothly. Behind the scenes he or she is the face of your company. Welcoming guests, deciding meetings, managing the company’s time and coordinating with other businesses are all part of their job. With such an important task these are a few of the necessary skills that your administrative assistant should have to be an effective and valuable asset to your company.


The world has gone digital. With  virtual offices, virtual assistants, virtual reality, virtual currency and even virtual pets we know that the digital revolution has changed the way we live. A competent administrative assistant must not just be familiar with the softwares used to keep notes and manage schedules they must also have a thorough understanding of computer softwares, browsers and operating systems.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are the bread and butter of an administrative assistant. Good communication with your customers, suppliers and clients can make or break your business. This includes verbal and written communication. It is their job to run correspondence from customers, suppliers and clients while maintaining a calm and friendly demeanour and making time for everyone. While this might seem like too much, the right administrative assistant can and will be the face of your company.


Administrative assistants have to be trusted with people’s schedules, manage their own time and manage time for other people. To do these things they must be able to prioritize tasks in order of importance. Planning is important as a changing work environment requires keeping up with the changing schedules and needs of the day.

Anticipation and resourcefulness

Being good at your job is all about utilizing resources and anticipating and preventing roadblocks. An administrative assistant tackles these tasks on an organizational level. They use their resources and knowledge to reschedule missed appointments, avoid upsetting clients and manage your time in the best way possible. But how easy is it to find an administrative assistant? With AccessWork you can hire an experienced administrative assistant without the hassle of searching. Not just your assistant needs AccessWork can also help you if you are a small business owner looking to get your business off the ground by renting an office space and hiring a team. By getting in touch with us you can find a fully furnished office space in cultural and social hubs like Mumbai and Pune, hire a virtual assistant and even provide you with offices set up according to your preferences.

Every smart business owner knows that the difference between good and great is the ability to anticipate and complete tasks without being asked. Take a step forward by making sure that you have all your bases covered. Choose your administrative assistant with care, he or she can become the backbone of your entire organization. 


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