Why you don't need an office to start a profitable business

Posted on April 11, 2019

If you look back two decades back, you would think that offices were essential components to getting work done. Even today there are many who measure how successful a company is by the size of their office. However, with the advent of the internet and newer technologies you no longer need to be in the same room to collaborate with other people. Your work is not the place you go, but what you do. With these simple alternatives you can say goodbye to the headache of commuting, overhead costs, rent and much more.

Cost effective

fully furnished office space generally has severe costs attached to it. The cost of rent, utilities, daily upkeep all add up in the long run and can paint a grim picture. Instead, maintaining a flexible approach like working from home or a coworking office can be quite beneficial.

No more commute

Every day you and your employees spend about an hour of their time going to and coming back from work. This time spent travelling by bus, car or train can be difficult for you and your employees. Commuting does not just cost you time and effort but also money. Renting a virtual office in Mumbai gives you the ability to work from home while still retaining your image as a professional business owner in the eyes of your clients.


At a workspace you have to follow company timings, company rules and basic etiquette rules. If you are working from home you can work at any time of the day. Not having a fixed office also gives you a much larger pool of employees to choose from as your employees can be anywhere in the world and still work for you. This allows you to hire talent from all over the world, the only limitation being what you are looking for in your employees.

Popular alternatives

The modern work space is changing with the changing times. You do not need an office to go to work. Popular alternatives to the traditional office are coworking officeshot desking solutions, cafes, outsourcing the handiwork and just working from the comfort of your home. New technology makes it possible to have meetings, collaborations and file sharing tasks taken care of over the internet.

Take all the elements into account before making that call and choose the right option for you and your business.


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