Effective pitching tips to win over investors every time

Posted on April 11, 2019

A good pitch decides whether your business will go on to make billions or whether it will end up in the rejected pile. Regardless of whether your goal is to get investors, or sell to a potential client, good pitching skills are necessary at almost every step of the process. Whether you are presenting in a conference or a meeting room or pitching in the few minutes in an elevator. With these tips you will make a strong pitch regardless of where you are and what you are selling.

Keep it short

A good rule of thumb is if you say you will take ten minutes then take a minute less. If you are told that you only have ten minutes than take 5 minutes less. If there is one thing investors value it is their time. The lesser time you take, the better. If your investors are interested they will ask questions, if they are not then you will have learnt a valuable lesson and saved both yourself and your investors some time.

Tell a story

Storytelling is the tool you can use to cut through the mess of data, pie charts and statistics. A good story can pique interest in even the toughest data driven investors. Great stories have conflicts and heroes that can help resolve them. Your pitch should set up your listener as the hero and your idea as the tool which will help them vanquish the dilemma. Not just investors and clients, a good story can add members to your team who will aid you on your journey to success and fortune.

Be focused

Focus on the core components of your pitch and highlight them. Powerpoint presentations are to provide a visual aid to your pitch, not be the pitch. You can always find a furnished office for rent to brainstorm, or book a hot desk office space to think more clearly. To be able to focus on your pitch you need to carve out time dedicated solely to your pitch. To be able to work alone and still have the ability to get reactions on your pitch you can simply find a coworking office space in Mumbai where you can meet other like minded individuals.Let people hear your pitch so that you can gauge reactions and know which parts make an impact and which fall flat.

Dress well

Presentation is everything. Whether you like it or not, the way you look says a lot about you. To be able to pitch to potential investors you need to have a suit ready to go at any moment. If your investors wish to meet at your office you can easily find a fully furnished office space for rent from office space providers like AccessWork. It is important not to scrimp on the presentation and put your best foot forward. Investors don’t just invest in your product, they invest in you.

We tend to underestimate just how many times your pitch needs to be rejected before it is finally approved. There are thousands and thousands of pitches made every day and only about a hundred get selected. To ensure that your pitch is among those hundred you need to keep these tips in mind and practice. Even the top hundred have been rejected many times before making it.


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