4 simple rules to build trust and retain clients

Posted on April 11, 2019

Every business needs clients to grow and flourish. Keeping your clients happy and coming back for repeat business is how you successfully build a strong client base. Regardless of whether you are a freelancer at a coworking office or sitting in a plush business centre in Mumbai, client retention is your number one priority. Keep these simple tips in mind to build a solid foundation with your clients and keep them coming back for more.

Under promise and over deliver

We have all heard this phrase, but what does it truly mean? As a business owner, you always want your clients to feel like you’re giving them real value for their money. Surpassing their expectations is a simple yet effective way of doing that. If you think you can get something done in three days tell the client that it will take one week. They will be pleasantly surprised when you let them know that their work has been completed ahead of schedule.

Create value

Create valuable content that shows you know what you are doing. Valuable content shows that you know what you are doing and also spreads brand awareness. Creating valuable content associated with our brand also makes it simple for your clients to share your publicly available content and recommend your services.

Add a personal touch

This is something that cannot be expressed enough. Going the extra mile and getting to know your clients personally will make you unforgettable to your clients. If you have only ever spoken to your clients over call you can rent a meeting room or a fully furnished office space to give your clients that ever important face to face time. Remembering your clients likes and dislikes, being able to make them feel comfortable and knowing their brand as well as they do are all qualities that show how much you care. A personal touch makes you the first choice your client makes every time.

Be transparent

Be clear and transparent with the services you provide and how you provide them. Studies show that up to 70% of unhappy customers transform into loyal customers if the mistake has been fixed better than their expectations. Own your mistakes and let your customer know how you plan on fixing them. Building client trust is important and often leads to clients returning more so than the service provided.

Building trust with clients is a process that takes time but you can always take steps to smoothen the path. With AccessWork you can find a virtual office space for rent that allows your clients to feel secure in the fact that they are working with a legitimate business owner. With the coming of the new age, renting fully furnished offices and meeting rooms is easier than ever, giving even small businesses the opportunity to compete on the open market.


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