Essential tips to strike the right work-life balance

Posted on May 31, 2019

With the advance of technology, the professional and personal landscape has changed vastly over the past 10 years. We are now at a point in time where you can find virtual office space for rent! These days everyone seems too busy, too stressed or too swamped with work to just unwind and relax. Excess stress can end up impacting both our professional and personal lives. Here are some simple rules you should follow to strike the perfect work-life balance.

The importance of ‘no’

As much as we would all like to, it is impossible to take on every task your boss throws at you. If you are taking your work home with you every night and coming back to work every morning, then you will feel demotivated by the fact that no matter how much you work there is always more to do. Burning out because of work is a detriment to both you and your job. Do not be afraid to say ‘no’ to tasks if you have too much on your plate already. Your boss values you as an employee and wants to keep you around, he is sure to make a few exceptions.


Not just employed workers, freelancers and founders also need to keep these tips in mind to be able to keep getting good results in both those aspects of their lives. It is easy to get busy with tasks while ignoring the most important tasks that you have been putting off. To get away from this cycle it is extremely important that you prioritize. If your goal is to start a company, then it would be much better to search for a serviced office space with providers like AccessWork than to spend your time thinking about what the welcome mat to your office should look like.

Ask for help

Part of the process of creating a healthier work-life balance is coming to grips with the fact that you can’t do it all. Asking for help does not make you look weak, in fact, it can make you look like a stronger employee who receives work, delegates it and always delivers on time. Even as an individual business owner in the early stages of building his or her own company, you can find help in coworking offices in Mumbai or Pune by finding like-minded people with similar goals. Asking for help has the potential to open new doors and allows you to find the time to tackle challenges that you had been putting off.

Relax and unwind

Most people who find it difficult to balance their work and social life are people who are overly ambitious. Burning the midnight oil, these people spend all their time toiling away for their company, never taking a holiday, trying to meet the next goal, deadline and target. These people are the ones who are most likely to face burnout. If you are constantly looking to the future, then you will be unable to appreciate and fully enjoy the present. Taking a break every once in a while, taking the weekend off or engaging in meditation and yoga can actually lead to better results at work as you will be better-rested and your mind and body will be a lot more active.

As you learn to say no to excessive work and learn to go easy on yourself you will slowly but surely find that you are able to balance your work and personal life. These are both important as work allows you to have a personal life, while unwinding after work allows you to come back to work with a renewed vigour. You should try out what works for you and always try to maintain a balance to achieve the best results in both areas of your life.


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