Optimize your sleep schedule to make the most of your day

Posted on May 31, 2019

Whether you are a paid employee working in an office, the owner of a startup looking for a furnished office for rent, or a freelancer working out of a coworking space in Mumbai, there is one question that is sure to have bothered you. Why do I always feel so tired and drowsy during the day? Is there any way for me to go to work feeling fully energised? Is there a way for me to stay productive throughout the day and meet all my business goals?

All of these answers lie within the secrets of our sleeping patterns. There are many who find that they are a lot more productive at night than they are throughout the day. These people can rely on the 24/7 availability of coworking offices to meet their business goals. A full night’s sleep consists of different cycles that we all go through every night. These cycles can be divided into 5 stages. The first stage is light sleep, the second, third and fourth are deeper stages of sleep and the fifth is REM sleep, the stage where your mind starts to dream.

Waking up in the first cycle can have you feeling happy and energetic all day, while waking up during the REM stage can have the opposite effect. A complete sleep cycle generally lasts up to 90 minutes. 5 sleep cycles add up to 7.5 hours of sleep and 6 sleep cycles make 9 hours of sleep. This is where the myth of 8 hours of sleep comes from.

The truth however, is that every human being needs a different amount of sleep. While it is true that too little sleep is harmful to us, it is also true that too much sleep can be detrimental. So how do you determine the right amount of sleep for you? First, establish the time you usually wake up and count back 7.5 hours. For example, if you normally wake up at 7:30 then you would need to be in bed at 12 am. Make sure to do this for 10 days straight. If at the end of those 10 days you find yourself waking up five minutes before your alarm goes off then you are getting the right amount of sleep. On the other hand, if you still require your alarm after 10 days then you should move the time you go to bed to half an hour earlier. Keep this up for another 10 days. When you find yourself waking up 5 minutes before your alarm you have successfully found the right amount of sleep you need.

Just like different people need different amounts of sleep, some people prefer to work early in the morning while others burn the midnight oil. If you are a night owl and need a place to work then AccessWork has you covered. With our 24/7 facilities you can find a fully furnished office in Mumbai at any time. Even if you prefer working at night, it is important to remember that you still need 7.5 hours of sleep. Getting the right amount of sleep ensures that your body stays productive to help you achieve all your goals and more.


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