Key strategies to help grow your customer base

Posted on May 31, 2019

Every business needs a deep and varied customer base that allows them to keep functioning. In the world of the internet it is now easier than ever to grab eyeballs and get your customers talking about your products. For most startups and growing businesses building new customer databases is their lifeblood. What is great is that you can do this from a coworking office space, serviced office space or furnished office space just as easily.

Understand your target audience

The first step to growing your customer base and increasing sales is to understand your target audience. You can do this by hiring an outside firm to conduct market research for you or do the legwork yourself. Unlike what most people think, an effective company is one which listens to their customers needs, not one that has all the answers. Understand your market, your customers and your competition to see what the customer still lacks.

Solve problems

Just like coworking offices anticipate and solve many freelancing needs, to grow your customer base you need to anticipate problems and offer solutions. Solve problems with your customers instead of for your customers, making you the company that they always rely on.

Give customers something your competitors aren’t

Large companies understand that brand recognition is a lot more important than product placement. If your company name is a name consumers trust then they will invest in your product, no matter what the product. Sports brands support and sponsor athletes, telling us their stories, giving them products and promoting good health and an active lifestyle. Coworking offices support small entrepreneurs and start-ups, and usually grow by word of mouth. Go the extra mile, give the customer individual attention, not just discounts, but the services that they actually value.

Use social media

There are over 2 billion people on social media all over the world. Making it one of the primary sources of news, entertainment and connectivity today. Today, connections are not made in conference rooms or meeting rooms, but over the internet. Early marketers would tend to ignore social media and focus on traditional media outlets like newspapers and television, however, today is a very different world. It is much better to recognize your target audience and spend your time promoting your brand on the channels where your target audience hangs out. To keep up with the changing needs of the customer it is important to keep changing and growing with the changing times.

While growing your customer base is necessary, this should not make your existing customer base feel neglected. Your current customers are people who used your services and found something they liked about your service. The best way to grow is by capitalising on this feeling and replicating it for users who do not know about your company yet. Listening to old customers can actually lead you to new customers and is a win-win for everyone.


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