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Posted on June 25, 2019

The world we live in is obsessed with productivity and efficiency. We all have countless assignments to finish, shows we need to binge, and plans we need to attend in the time available to us. To successfully balance all of these we might need a little help from time to time. That is where productivity apps come in, helping you finish more work in less time and bringing all of your business goals closer.


ToDoist is the app that has helped over 10 million people be more productive and get more done. Simply jot down the things you need to get done and the app will instinctively analyze, decipher and categorize the tasks into different segments, making it easier for you to understand. The app also allows you to integrate, update and assign tasks to your entire team. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur working from a coworking space in Powai or an established start-up operating out of a fully furnished office space, the ToDoist app makes projects easier to monitor, discuss and assign, thus raising the bar for all the other productivity apps out there.


The Trello app is based on the Kanban system of production. This system and the Trello app build on four founding principles:

  1. Visualize workflow.
  2. Break it down into smaller chunks.
  3. Allow the continuous flow of work from one step to another.
  4. Constant improvement.

In Trello’s own words the app is - a collaboration tool that gives you a visual overview of what is being worked on, who is working on it, and how far they’ve gotten. Thus making group projects a breeze to work through and immediately highlighting trouble areas or delays.


Toggl is the cross-device platform working across your computer, tablet and phone, to track where and how your time was spent. Instead of you keeping track of your time, Toggl crunches the numbers for you and gives you a detailed report at the end of the day. No matter what device you might be working on, Toggl tracks your time and allows you to simply analyze its findings and adjust the way you work in the future to increase productivity.

Take the pressure of yourself and use the app ‘Zapier’ to integrate and automate these apps that generally would not communicate with each other. For example, with the help of Zapier an e-mail that arrives from your boss can instantly be turned into a visual task on Trello or a project on ToDoist without you having to sort through and monitor mail yourself. With the advent of virtual offices and the digital age, we live in a time where you can be present at work without leaving the comfort of your home. In such an environment productivity apps might be the best way to combat pointless social media scrolling and unfruitful internet surfing and optimize your time to the best of your abilities.


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