Creative ways to optimise your workspace

Posted on July 11, 2019

Whether you are working from home, an office, a coworking space or even a cafe, your surrounding environment makes an impact on your quality of work. The design and layout of your furnished office space, the size and position of your desk can have a much larger influence on your productivity and workflow than you can imagine. Here is how you can optimize your surroundings to drive up productivity and improve your mood.

  • Minimize clutter

A cluttered office desk is filled with distractions that demand attention and keep you from focusing on what is important. Unless you work from a coworking office and change your desk every day it is imperative that you keep your desk clutter-free. Take a closer look at the items on top of your desk and decide how necessary they are. A good rule of thumb is that if you are not working on it or with it right now then it shouldn’t be on your desk. You can accomplish this by storing your files digitally or utilising drawers. You can minimise notes and papers by using an online productivity tool to improve performance.

  • Personalise

Now that you have some space on your office desk it is time to begin personalising. Consider putting up images of the people close to you. You can also hang up a whiteboard to write down your short-term and long-term goals, updating them as the weeks pass. Simply changing your wallpaper gives you the feeling of autonomy and allows you to feel more in control of your time and life. This also applies to your entire office, if you are looking for a fully furnished office in Mumbai, you need to approach office space providers like AccessWork who allow you to customise your office to your tastes without having to worry about the details.

  • Liven up your surroundings

If you can’t find the time to leave your desk and enjoy nature, it might be time to bring nature to you. Add plants to your desk to liven up your surroundings and remind yourself that there is a world outside work.

If you have the habit of burning the midnight oil then you could take some of the pressure off your eyes by adding a desk lamp. Bring warmth to not just your desk but also to your reception, meeting rooms and canteen by adding plants and brightening your whole office.

In a corporate office it can get repetitive and boring to keep working on the same tasks in the same location day in and day out. Whether you work from a business centre in Mumbai or have your own managed office space, to stay creative and avoid burnout it is important to take a break and pay attention to your surroundings. Add colour to your workspace and do not be afraid to experiment with what works for you. As you take control of your surroundings you will find your own creativity and productivity reaching new heights.


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