Healthy eating practices to enhance productivity at work

Posted on July 11, 2019

A study conducted by the World Health Organization proves that the right foods can increase brain power, motivation, and overall productivity by up to 20 per cent. The fully furnished office space you use might provide you with as many cups of coffee as you need, but does that truly help your productivity in the long run? Here is a list of superfoods you can add to your diet today and beat that 4 p.m. slump for good.

  • Trail mix

Trail mix is a mixture of dried fruits and nuts, created in 1968 to be eaten while trekking or participating in other strenuous activity. It is a food item that is light, can be consumed at any time and is full of energy-dense nutrients. This superfood can be a great source of protein, fibre and healthy fats. Almonds are also packed with vitamin B that helps convert your food into energy and fights muscle fatigue. Snack on some trail mix at your office or carry them with you to your coworking space and watch your productivity soar.

  • Foods that give you energy for the whole day

Bananas are made up of potassium, fibre and glucose. A single banana has enough glucose to keep your body productive the entire day. A ripe banana provides more energy when compared to an unripe banana as it gives your body an instant sugar boost along with the other nutrients. If you are spending your day running from one conference room to another, meeting with clients and making new pitches you need something that keeps you feeling full and energy levels high. A peanut butter sandwich is full of fat, protein and fibre, giving you a slow and sustained release of energy throughout the day. Another food item that keeps your energy up and you feel full are high protein eggs. An entire egg is filled with nutrients, including useful vitamins and minerals.

  • Foods to avoid

What you eat is very important, meaning that is essential for you to avoid foods that have high amounts of unprocessed sugar. While sugar may give you a burst of energy it also brings with it a crash that leads to feeling sluggish and reduction of overall energy over time. The same can be said of salt. Salty foods like french fries and chips will leave you feeling bloated and thirsty and result in the same eventual crash. Office space providers like AccessWork give you fully serviced offices customised to suit your needs. You can make use of this to ensure that your employees have access to nutritious food that will keep energy levels up and morale high at all times.

To truly enhance your productivity over a long period of time it is important to stop relying on external energy boosters like coffee and sweets. Pack your tiffin in the morning with wholesome and healthy choices that you can munch on throughout the day. Switch out your cup of coffee for green tea, which contains an amino acid that improves focus and helps the brain stay alert. Even drinking more water has been shown to boost energy and improve mental flexibility. Incorporate these simple changes to your lifestyle and watch how others in your office or coworking space wonder how you stay productive all day.


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