Networking tips to make better connections at coworking spaces

Posted on August 05, 2019

There are many ways to meet and network with people these days. You can visit workshops, attend conferences and even communicate through social media. And yet, if you want to make connections that last, there is no better option than a coworking office. Coworking offices are places for like-minded individuals to gather and work towards their goals. These individuals tend to rely on their peers for advice and help in navigating the professional landscape. Such an environment is conducive to helping each member and making lifelong connections in both your business and personal life. Here are some tips to help you make lasting impressions in your coworking office.

  • Initiate conversation

While many of us speak well enough in conference rooms, approaching a stranger can be a lot tougher. The best advice is to simply begin by introducing yourself. Never make the mistake of immediately jumping into what your business is about and pitching your idea. It is important to first build a connection and get people to care about what you have to say before you try pitching to them. Take the initiative and start conversations, it will serve you well in coworking spaces and your personal life.

  • Display passion

No amount of words can replace passion. If you aren’t passionate about your service or what you do it will reflect in your conversation. Professionals in any field know that the most important ingredient to success is passion. Your enthusiasm for your own work sparks curiosity amongst peers and gets your product or service the attention it needs. Displaying your passion is what allows you to stand out in a coworking office and create a lasting impression.

  • Share knowledge

Talking to people can give you benefits that you never even considered. Sharing your knowledge with others allows you to display value and give entrepreneurs insights into your field. In the same way, listening to someone from a different industry could be the insight you need to reach the next step in your business. The reason people choose coworking offices over renting a serviced office is the opportunity to share knowledge, create ideas and grow further, personally and professionally.

Coworking offices encourage networking by holding workshops and events to allow users to break the ice. These events not only bring new users to a coworking space near you, they are also the perfect place to test your networking skills. Networking is a crucial aspect for any business, big or small. Coworking spaces thus allow young entrepreneurs to learn the value of networking and make the best of it in a controlled and positive environment.


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