Three ways in which coworking can help your business grow

Posted on October 07, 2019


The first coworking space opened on 9th August 2005. The intention was to maintain the freedom of working independently but still provide the community and structure of working with others. Studies conducted in 2019 show that there are approximately 35,000 flexible workspaces covering 521 million square feet of real estate. The reason behind this success are the energetic and driven entrepreneurs working on ideas that inspire and excite them. Coworking spaces aren’t just for freelancers and entrepreneurs, large corporates have considered the benefits coworking provides and begun to rely on them. Here are three ways in which coworking can help your business grow faster, no matter what stage it might be in.


One of the biggest USPs of coworking is the ability to network with like-minded people. Most coworking offices in Mumbai are filled with entrepreneurs working on their next big idea. Coworking puts you in touch with people who have professional experience and are trying to build their ideas from the ground up. You might just meet your next business partner for the first time at a coworking space. This setup can also be beneficial to corporates as they can discover talent that they did not have access to otherwise.


A coworking space reduces costs by providing you with all the amenities you need. Simply bring a laptop and focus on the task at hand while they provide you with WiFi, snacks, meeting rooms and other important amenities. You can pay for a single desk or multiple desks as per your requirement without having to fork out a deposit amount. You can also rent a conference room for an afternoon to hold a meeting with a client in these spaces. This freedom to pay for what you need is what makes coworking so popular among businesses.

Increased productivity and well being

More so than a corporate employee, entrepreneurs often find it difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance. This is combated by coworking spaces allowing users to decide the amount of time they will be working. You can simply clock in and out of work, having the freedom to use your free time however you like. Users can participate in networking events, skill-sharing workshops, on-site yoga studios and other ways to relax and unwind. Being surrounded by other professionals toiling towards their dreams gives users an extra boost of inspiration and confidence. Many studies have shown that coworking space users have higher satisfaction and productivity levels than the average employee.

Coworking offices provide a stable yet flexible environment, one that millennials prefer over traditional offices. Freelancers, entrepreneurs and even corporate workers are relying on coworking spaces because of the advantages they provide. To enjoy these benefits yourself check out AccessWork and book a coworking space in the location of your choice.


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